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Salwar Kameez Online USA.

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Embroidered Viscose Yellow Palazzo Suit Salwar

$ 83.70 [USD] $ 90.00 [USD] (7% off)

Embroidered Viscose Beige Palazzo Suit Salwar

$ 83.70 [USD] $ 90.00 [USD] (7% off)

Embroidered Viscose Orange Palazzo Suit Salwar Kameez

$ 88.35 [USD] $ 95.00 [USD] (7% off)

Embroidered Cotton Green Straight Cut Salwar

$ 54.00 [USD]

Embroidered Viscose Blue Palazzo Suit Salwar Kameez

$ 88.35 [USD] $ 95.00 [USD] (7% off)

Embroidered Silk OLIVE Palazzo Suit Salwar Kameez

$ 70.68 [USD] $ 76.00 [USD] (7% off)

Embroidered Net PeachPuff Anarkali Salwar Kameez

$ 135.78 [USD] $ 146.00 [USD] (7% off)

Resham Net Beige Abaya Style Salwar Kameez

$ 130.20 [USD] $ 140.00 [USD] (7% off)

Embroidered Georgette Purple Straight Cut Salwar

$ 88.35 [USD] $ 95.00 [USD] (7% off)

Embroidered Banarasi Silk Black Straight Cut Salwar

$ 60.00 [USD]

Embroidered Net Gray Anarkali Salwar Kameez

$ 134.85 [USD] $ 145.00 [USD] (7% off)

Embroidered Banarasi Silk Maroon Straight Cut Salwar

$ 60.00 [USD]

Printed Cotton OLIVE Straight Cut Salwar

$ 55.00 [USD]

Zari Net Beige Abaya Style Salwar Kameez

$ 122.76 [USD] $ 132.00 [USD] (7% off)

Embroidered Cotton Pink Patiyala Suit Salwar Kameez

$ 66.00 [USD]

Printed Cotton Beige Straight Cut Salwar

$ 54.00 [USD]

Zari Net Pink Abaya Style Salwar Kameez

$ 124.62 [USD] $ 134.00 [USD] (7% off)

Embroidered Cotton Red Straight Cut Salwar Kameez

$ 69.00 [USD]

Embroidered Cotton Pink Straight Cut Salwar

$ 62.00 [USD]

Embroidered Cotton Maroon Straight Cut Salwar

$ 65.00 [USD]

Resham Georgette Purple Straight Cut Salwar

$ 85.56 [USD] $ 92.00 [USD] (7% off)

Embroidered Cotton Maroon Straight Cut Salwar

$ 62.00 [USD]

Embroidered Georgette Mistyrose Straight Cut Salwar

$ 85.56 [USD] $ 92.00 [USD] (7% off)

Zari Viscose Navyblue Palazzo Suit Salwar

$ 79.05 [USD] $ 85.00 [USD] (7% off)

2993 Products

Buy Readymade Salwar Kameez Churidar online in USA

The salwar kameez also known as Churidar is traditional Indian dress for women. Salwar Kameez comprises a pair of trousers (salwar), top dress (kameez) and comes along with a Shawl (dupatta). Salwar originated during the Mughal era and recently has become more popular, the national dress for many South Asian countries. During the earlier days, both men and women used to wear Salwar Kameez. Due to comfort, salwar kameez is the most preferred Indian outfit for women of all ages. Since last two decades, readymade salwar kameez is made as the Indian formal school and college uniforms. Churidar is the most comfortable garments for all seasons. Salwar Kameez is available in a wide variety of materials including Cotton, georgette, net, silk, chiffon etc. Depending on the season and occasions, women prefer to wear different salwar material. In summer, cotton salwar kameez are most preferred. During special occasions like wedding, festivals, party?s salwar kameez made of georgette, net or silk is preferred. Salwar kameez comes with various style of art work including embroidered, printed, Butta work, lace, Zari, stone work and crystal works. Embroidery, zari and resham design gives an elegant look for the salwar kameez and makes it more suitable for special occasions like wedding. Silk is the most preferred materials for wedding occasions in South India. Recently Salwar kameez made of silk with zari became very popular for south Indian weddings. Stoneworks, crystals and other embellishments, make the readymade salwar kameez more sophisticated and grand.