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Yes, its very much possible. Click here to post your ad without registration.

1. Registered users can manage all their ads in one section named "My Posts"

2. Users who are not registered will have to manage each ad posted by themselves separately using the email links sent when the ads were initially posted.

3. Only registered users can post business coupons by adding themselves as coupon admin.

Currently, users are allowed to post any number of ads they want. However, we do not appreciate the duplicate ads.

1. Using the link which is sent to your email address when the ad is initially posted. 2. By clicking on the link in your email you will be taken to the page, where you can activate, deactivate or modify your ad. 3. If you need your link re-sent, please send your request to

Currently, there is no expiration timeline set for any ads posted in If you want to deactivation the ad you posted, all you need to do is that to use the link you received in email when you initially posted your ad.

1. Check to see if your verification email(s) are in your spam or bulk folder.

2. Re-post your ad and make sure you have entered your email address correctly.

3. Your email provider may be experiencing delays.

4. If you need your link re-sent, please send your request to

Currently, is opened only for the cities in United States.

You can post your ads in multiple cities by providing appropriate zip code when your ad is initially posted. However, it requires separate ad for each city in US.

1. Unlike posting ad in other categories, posting coupon requires a registration. 2. To register yourself, please click here 3. While registering, please choose "Yes" as an option for "Like to add coupons?"

Please use the Report Spam link available to the top right of ad page.

If you still have any questions which are not answered in this section, please send us queries through Feedback section in the footer.

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