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Indian Return Gifts

  • Zinc Alloy

Frame - Murti ganesha made of zinc alloy with gold electro plating return gift

$ 4.21 [USD]

Lingam - Lingam big is made of zinc alloy with gold plating</li> <li>Makes an excellent thamboolam gift for wedding navarathri baby shower upanayam etc return gift

$ 1.84 [USD]

Buddha - Buddha means "awakened one" or "the enlightened one return gift

$ 1.44 [USD]

Lakshmi - Lakshmi is considered as the Goddess of wealth love prosperity fortune and the embodiment of beauty return gift

$ 0.55 [USD]

Kum Kum Holder - Bored of gifting the same kind of things over and over again to your guests? Be a little playful and gift this stunning gold ducky which opens up a small compartment in the middle to keep kum-kum return gift

$ 1.19 [USD]

Frame return gift

$ 1.26 [USD]