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Buy Indian Pooja(Puja) Items Online in USA

Buy Indian Pooja(Puja) Items Online in USA

Pooja(Puja) is a ritual done by Hindus to worship their deities. Its is an way of life in the past. Pooja is performed for various reasons. It can be a simple ritual at home to an elaborate celebration in a temple. Pooja offerings to deities depends on individuals. Pooja is also used for expressions of "honour, worship and devotional attention". Pooja objective is to a spritiual connection with ones god. Pooja done to an deity brings the focal point to communicate with devine. Puja is the act of showing reverence to god. The worship consists of offering something to the icon of worship, such as flowers or food, and possibly lighting a lamp (diya) and incense (aggarbatti) and retrieving the blessed food and consuming it as prasad. offers all varities of Pooja (Puja) item collections. Various Idols, Panchagajam, God Costumes, God Stickers, Kumkum & Turmeric, Aarti, Yanthram, Bell. All your needs for Pooja items can be found in one site. Mandir of various sizes.