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Indian Nanny in Bear

I am looking for nanny to cook food and take care of household work like laundry, cleaning kitchen after cooking and basic home care.

I am looking for a Nanny/Baby Sitter for my 6 month old baby boy. Please call me @512-618-9248 or email me at

I'm looking for a reliable trustworthy Hindi/English speaking nanny for my 20 month old son. I do understand Punjabi, Gujarati & Marathi as well. But she needs to know atleast a little bit o ...View more

I am mother of 2 kids and living in Bear,DE offering babysitting from my home. Call me if any one need babysitter. Thanks

Hi, I stay in Bear and looking for someone to take care of my daughters for 5-6 hours during the week days

I can provide daycare and also help in doing the homework's. If anyone interested please let me know through e mail