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Buy Cricket Equipments Online in USA

Cricket is one of the oldest game in the world. The game of cricket has been played for more than 300 years now. It has a deep history. Cricket was first played in England and it spread across the world during 19th century. Lot of cricket rules that exists now was formulated during 19th century. Over period of time Cricket has evolved in various formates. One day, test match and recent sensation is with T20 cricket format. Each version needs it's own set of equipments which would fit in that setup. For e.g, T20 cricket matches needs hard hitting heavy bats which would allow the batsman to score well. Whereas with cricket test matches, it would be difficult for the batsman to carry a heavy bat through out the 5 days. have wide range of Cricket equipments which would fit in varios needs. We have world class cricket equipments. Customers won't be disappointed with the products.
Cricket bats range from Standard Willow cricket bat originating from Kashmir. Kookaburra bat with specialized high carbon fibre. Cricket bats specific for catch practice is also available. Cricket bats are generally of 38 inches (max) in length and weight around 2 to 3 lbs. Depending on the format of the cricket, bats weight may wary. offers all cricket bats. will take care of knocking as well. Knocking the bat hardnes the bat surface allowing it to transfer the power to the bat. Its' a 2 days process. also offers cricket kits package with complete set of items one would need. We have cricket pads, gloves, stumps, bat and multiple other cricket products bundled in a package. also offers customized jersey. If you want your team logo to be customized in your jersey, we can do that for you.