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Indian Cook Chef

I?m a South Indian Telugu Brahmin..I?m offering daily freshly cooking vegetarian meal box10$. Each day during the weekdays for pick it up . Box comprises of two curries, two rotis, and a ric ...View more

Hello everyone, I love cooking and I can cook for you! If you wish for Pure Vegetarian Telugu Brahmin food, do get in touch. you want cooked and I'll turn them into delicacies. Along with ...View more

🍱Please place your order for at least 2 day in advance.We take order for Birthday party, Baby Shower, Graduation, Thanks Giving, Christmas or Any Occasions ************************ ...View more

Hi I'm looking cooking job.i cook south and north Indian food. Please call me 3476665051.

The Chef who cooks the best quality delicious gourmet cuisine(breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and desserts) for your whole family all the day in weekends and on weekdays after 5:30 pm. And ...View more

Contact me at 6466417132. Who is thriving to do her best, clean n tasty cuisine. Available on evenings of all weekdays and whole weekends Commute to NY or NJ. Please look at the cuisine bel ...View more

This is Swati. I cook regularly veg and non-veg. And all kinds of breakfasts and snacks. Kindly contact me on 646-641-7132. Available in all weekdays after 6pm and Sundays at anytime. Ple ...View more

I can cook deliciously whatever in your mind that may be veg or non-veg varieties and also make sweets... Available in weekends at anytime In weekdays in the evenings... after 6pm Only 20$  ...View more

This is Swati, who can cook especially indian cuisine(veg or non-veg biryanies) as well as curries(veg & non-veg) according to your requirements and interests. Also assist you in cooking if  ...View more

Hello, Who can cook southern / northern India delecious cuisine as per your preferences of ingredients. I'm available for weekdays after 6pm and weekends since morning to evening. Please fi ...View more