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Indian Cook Chef Massachusetts MA

Looking for north indian cook for 2 kids and 1 person, 3 times a week in Canton.

Hi, I am looking for a cook to cook at my house for 3-4 days a week.

Hello there, If you need fresh rotis, parathas (stuffed) or Plain Naan for your house, please let us know. $0.50 per roti, $0.75 per paratha and $1.00 per Naan. We guarantee freshness and  ...View more

looking for a cook to make various healthy Indian dishes every week. the menu will be very simple - tikka, vegetable, dal it is a specific diet plan that has no naan or potato only mea ...View more

I need a cook for Indian meals. I am flexible with any timings. Please call me, we can discuss further.

We are looking for someone who can come to our house in Bedford three times a week to cook Indian food for 3 people (two adults and one 4-year-old kid) Please call me at 857-277-2912 if yo ...View more

Need help with basic prep and also cook Indian food - 2 times a week in Cambridge (near Redline - Central Square T).

I am looking for a cook who can come home once or twice a week to cook Indian / South indian food for a family of three. Please reply only if you are interested - No ads please.

Looking for a cook who can come to our house in north reading and cook non veg on a weekly or every two weeks.

I am looking for an indian cook who could come to my house to cook once or twice a week. We are vegetarian and we live in west concord, MA. If interested, please contact me.